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The latest post is an interview, excerpted below:

Tell me more about you and your wife. What made you want to start writing/illustrating travel books for kids?

Travel was always an interest of mine. I always looked at travel as an opportunity to experience something new. The writing side of it comes mainly from my love of reading. The magic of books, I always thought, was both the story and being transported to different places and times. The more vivid the setting, the more I was drawn into the story.

Amy has drawn all her life, as long as she can remember. She illustrated cartoon series for fun and for the school paper. Later, she was an intern for Marvel Comics and became very interested in the Disney style. She always wanted to illustrate a children’s book series and the inspiration struck when we took our (at the time) one-year-old daughter Molly to Florida.

Molly crawled into my suitcase as we were packing. She bounced up and down a little as if she expected it to take her for a ride. I said, “Look! There’s Molly and her magic suitcase!” Amy immediately seized on that as inspiration.

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